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What is Home Loan?

Smart Legal Tax provides you a home loan . In that service you get loan for buy our home or make your home . Its and very good service with a minimum intrerest rate . Its so many less intrest as compare of other loan . Its have one of mostly benefit for that we get some rebate on income tax . Its gives so many facility and make your home happy . In home loan procedure is taken 15-20 days . There are two types of home loan one of that is loan against property in that you do not get any rebate . In that you get your sweet home in purchasing seller party get check and you get your registree . In case of sector we approved your loan at a cost of 90% of the property . Its cause very simple step first bank check your income document and then analyse property then sanction your amount . Its so many helpfull for you same method of construction of your property .


  • Less Interest Rate
  • Rebate of Income Tax
  • Long Term
  • You close your loan any day whatever you want